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#VIRAL: Teacher In China Removing Girl's Makeup At School Gates

Just like what happened in a secondary school in Guizhou province, in China. According to the media, South China Morning Post, a teacher trained at least a dozen students, who went to one to be removed by the teacher. Through a clip disseminated on social networks, you can see how the man did not let the students pass if they did not pass a wet cloth on their faces The fact caused outrage among Internet users, as he pointed out that it was not the way to treat their students, in addition to using the same cloth to remove makeup to everything that could cause some skin infection. On the other hand, a representative of the school identified that the majority of the students of this institution are abandoned children, which could explain why they make up even if it is prohibited. Due to the absence of company and parental education, they can be driven to extreme directions of aesthetics and life values, "said the man.

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