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#VIRAL: Priests throw holy water from plane to “cure” habitants in Russia

by ViralVideos

On the "Sobriety Day" celebrated throughout Russia, priests of the city of Tver, decided to throw 70 liters of holy water from a plane to "protect its inhabitants" from alcoholism and lust, local website reported Bishop Savva and Father Alexander Goryachev, together as a couple, were in charge of aerial work that... is supposed to cure people suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. The husband claimed to have been cured of alcoholism after being blessed. In addition, Father Gorvachev assured that he relieves any sin like lust, and that any disease is a virus, and a virus is a demon; Therefore, any disease is primarily a spiritual disease. Although these blessings have been made for some years, when the plane reaches an altitude of 200 to 300 meters, there are those who do not stop mocking the rite and its effects.

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