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Nicki Minaj Announces She Retires From Music!

Nicki Minaj announced to the four winds that he is retiring from the world of music to devote himself to being a mother… Hi guys ... That's right, how do you see that Nicki Minaj is ready to stop changing her wigs and better to change diapers ... And it was through her Twitter account that the 36-year-old rapper shared the following message: “I have decided retire and have a family. I know you will be happy now. For my fans, continue to represent me until my death ... I will adore you for a lifetime. ” As you can see that second sentence was a hint addressed to her detractors who do not stop her from trolling her or tying knives between her and Cardi B. Apparently Nicki wants to change her skin as an anaconda and leave behind all the draining drama to focus on the Next stage of his life. Could it be that between the lines the hip hop diva is revealing to us that a baby is already waiting? After all, let's remember that she doesn't have much that Nicki made known through her Podcast Queen Radio that she plans to marry very soon her controversial boyfriend Kenneth Petty whom she has known since she was 17 years old. Also in a song with Chance the Rapper entitled Zanies and Fools, Nicki, detailed in a verse: "I'm about to reach the altar and become a mommy." And what nobody can steal from Nicki is his great contribution to the music since this year became the first rapper to reach the brand of 100 million units sold including albums, singles and collaborations according to the United States Record Industry Association. So what do you think, is it serious about his retirement or is it just a maneuver to get attention? And do you think that artists should withdraw from music when they decide to be moms or try to balance it like Cardi B do

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