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A noble warrior from the time of Attila is unearthed in southern Russia with his family

by worldNews24

A group of Russian archaeologists, with the collaboration of volunteers from France and Bulgaria, have unearthed a crypt where members of a family were buried in the ancient Greek colony of Fanagoria, on the banks of the Kerch Strait (Black Sea). Researchers attribute the grave to a "rich warrior" of the fifth century of our era,... his wife and three children. A statement from the sponsoring foundation of the excavations indicates that the archaeologists reached their conclusions after finding next to the male skeleton some silver buckles belonging to the sword belt and also silver clasps for spurs. The woman, on the other hand, wore an expensive clothing and a gold necklace in good condition. Their children were between two and seven years old and died at the same time as their parents. The causes of all family members to die simultaneously for the time being are unknown, but specialists believe they could be related to an epidemic or an attack by nomadic tribes to the city.

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