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Child creates #ElPasoChallenge to honor victims of the attack

After the attack in El Paso, Texas, United States, where on Saturday a lone attacker killed 22 people in cold blood, including eight Mexicans, and injured twenty more, a new viral challenge is popularized on social networks. An 11-year-old boy created the #ElPasoChallenge. This idea of ​​Rubén Martínez, a minor who lives in El Paso, consists in doing an act of charity for each person who died at the Walmart, located in the Cielo Vista shopping center of the aforementioned American town. Through a letter, little Rubén invites everyone to join the #ElPasoChallenge, which aims to honor the memory of people killed in the attack with works "that brighten the day to others." Rubén's mother confessed to local media that since the attack at the Cielo Vista shopping center, her son presented anxiety attacks, and after discussing it with her decided to make this viral challenge that quickly became popular.

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