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The reason why dogs smell people's intimate parts

by JakeTheDog

Almost all of us have been - at least once - victims of a curious dog, much more interested in smelling our private parts than in giving us the leg. If you have lived it, surely you share the feeling of shame you feel in those moments, not counting that your face probably became so red that you seemed about to explode. All you... wanted was for the earth to split in two and fall into it. When that happens we think that the animal is not trained, and even that it is impolite for the owner not to do something to avoid bad weather. But all that is far from reality. Contrary to what many believe, dogs have no idea how much it bothers us that they smell us near the crotch or the butt. They do it by instinct; They look for information about the person, in the same way as with their kind. Smell is the sense that predominates in dogs, that leads them to want to recognize through their nose everything that surrounds them; For that reason, without distinction, they tend to smell the intimate parts of both humans and animals, to obtain the information they need. The apocrine sweat glands, better known as pheromones, carry odors with social information from humans and are found in greater numbers in the genital areas. When a dog sniffs us, he wants to detect pheromones, and that can cause him to feel attracted to those areas, in people who have just had sexual intercourse or in women during their menstrual period or even with a few days of giving birth.

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