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Kylie Jenner baby will have clothes line ‘StormiWorld’

If we thought there was no way for Kylie Jenner to get even richer, think again. Hello, how are my friends, as you read the title of the video the baby of only 1 year old is about to follow the steps of her billionaire mom with her own line, ‘Stormi World’. It turns out that Stormi Webster is possibly the next to undertake in the business world. A couple of days ago Kylie published her stories saying, "Who is ready for Stormi's merchandise?" She shared a picture of a little sweatshirt where we see a cloud logo with the word Stormi World. This is possibly the way to relate her to her dad Travis Scott whose last album is called Astroworld. But it is not the first time we saw merchandise with this cloud, remember the birthday of the baby that was the same theme. My question is whether there will be problems with Ariana Grande whose logo is also a cloud lately? Whatever it is, Kylie has already made sure to register the names to protect and be able to use it on products such as bottles, strollers, cribs, creams and even baby wipes. This literally makes me think that someday they will own absolutely all kinds of products. Bone, started with makeup and I hope that soon our toilet paper is not called Kylie Toilet Paper. There are already 10 grandchildren in total and the children of Kim and Kanye already boast prestigious brand clothes so it doesn't surprise me at all. They also have The kids Supply line where they sell children's clothes at quite high prices. What do you think of the baby Stormi have their own line? Do you think the prices will be accessible for young people with babies and children?

  • Duration: 02:06