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Women throw coins into a plane's turbine to get lucky and stop them

It was recently announced that an internal flight in China was delayed for two hours after two women threw coins into one of the plane's turbines. The reason? Get lucky during the flight. The incident occurred on Sunday night when boarding an aircraft of the Lucky Air company that covered the Jinan-Chengdu route. At that moment, two passengers took advantage of the small space between the plane and the boarding gate to launch the money. This caused the exit of the aircraft to be blocked until the coins were found and it was found that they had not affected the engine of the aircraft. The delay affected 260 passengers, local media reported, citing sources from the airline: After a check by the captain, we excluded the possibility of the coins entering the engine, since the gap between the plane and the boarding gate was very narrow and was far from the engine ". After their action, the two responsible women arrived to occupy their seats, but before the takeoff, the Police took them arrested.

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