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The Nanny - Netflix Reboot (2019 Series Trailer) - Parody

She's the flashy girl from flushing... The Nanny named Fran! After the massive success of the Will and Grace/Roseanne reboots, everyone's favorite Nanny is finally back to zhush up our lives. 20 years ago Nanny Fine and Mr Sheffield were living in wedded bliss. These days, things are a little more complicated... Fran Drescher (Fran Fine) returns along with Charles Shaughnessy (Maxwell Sheffield), Renée Taylor (Sylvia Fine), Daniel Davis (Niles), Nicholle Tom (Maggie), Madeline Zima (Grace) and Benjamin Salisbury (Brighton) in this 2000 something remake of the late 90's classic. Yes... this is a parody. It means it's fake. I make fan trailers on this channel. Fan trailers are just mashup's of existing footage, edited to create something new. I had the idea for this trailer wayyy back in 2015. I never dreamt of making it because it just seemed way too retro. Funnily enough, what's old is new again, and there's rumours that a REAL Nanny remake is in the works. According to sources it will star rap artist Cardi B. I'm self taught when it comes to video editing. I wanted to try something new with this video so focused on the animated portion. I drew all the characters in photoshop using vectors, then animated them, learning new techniques in Adobe After Effects. You might notice that as the intro progresses, the animations become a little better. Hey, that's what happens when you learn as you go. This video took me approximately 40 hours so I hope you enjoyed it. The title track lyrics were written by me and then recorded with a professional voice artist on Fiverr.

  • Duration: 02:21