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Ariana Grande is tattooed word in Japanese and SOMETHING NOT GOOD WELL

by Tuitealo

To celebrate the release of her new album, Ariana Grande got a tattoo in the palm of her hand, the idea was to say the name of one of her singles: "7 rings", however everything went wrong. Through Twitter, some people let the singer know that what was actually tattooed was the word "shichirin" which in Japanese means "barbeque... grill" or "small barbecue grill". Ariana Grande posted the photo of her tattoo on her Instagram account, and among her 144 million followers, there were some who knew Japanese, so they immediately let her know the cruel reality. On Twitter the singer claimed that she omitted some words because she had hurt a lot and pointed out in a mocking way that "she is also a fan of barbeque grills". Later he deleted the tweet. For the tattoo to make an exact reference to the title of his song, the complete script should have been this: "七 つ の 指 輪", which is pronounced 'nanantsu no yubiwa' and which really means "seven rings".

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