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Die frozen Gigi Wu the famous 'bikini mountaineer'

Gigi Wu, the famous "bikini mountaineer", was found dead and frozen on Monday in a ravine on the highest mountain in Taiwan. Known on social networks for climbing mountains and photographing herself at the top with bikinis and swimsuits, the mountaineer fell 20 meters into a crevasse during the trek that took place on the Taiwanese mountain of Yushan, since last January 11. According to some media, Gigi suffered the accident because she lost her balance when she tried to take one of her well-known photos at the top of the mountain. Due to the fall, a leg was injured, which prevented him from moving from where he fell. However, he was able to communicate with a friend to ask for help, thanks to a satellite phone that he was carrying as part of his climbing equipment. The rescue began 28 hours after giving notice to the authorities because the climatic conditions of the place did not allow the takeoff of the search helicopters. Rescue personnel on foot located Gigi's body at 1,700 meters above sea level, where the warning call was issued. Local authorities indicated that the 36-year-old woman was exposed to temperatures of up to 2 ° C, so the lack of adequate clothing proved fatal. Last December, "the biker in a bikini" published photographs showing her previously injured legs, also in a fall on Christmas Eve. Since the news was released, his followers have expressed their condolences on different platforms.

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