Discover that gangster movie of 'Home Alone' does not exist

by Tuitealo

Of all the scenes in the mythical film 'My poor little angel', one of the most recorded by the audience in which Macaulay Culkin is using a scene from a gangster movie, 'Angels with dirty souls', to scare away characters from Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Well, 28 years after the premiere of 'My poor little angel', many fans are... horrified that this movie does not exist. How to finish discovering that Santa Claus and the Magi are the parents? The "culprit" of such discovery has been the humorist Seth Rogen, who commented on his Twitter account how "find" had "ruined" his childhood: "All my life thinking about the old movie you have Kevin in 'My poor little angel' , 'Angels as a dirty soul', was really an old film. " Of course, the reactions were not long in coming. Among the amazed fans is, nothing more and nothing less, than Captain America himself. Chris Evans showed his full version, responding to Rogen with capital letters: "How not?". The director and screenwriter of 'Spider-Man: A New Universe', Rodney Rothman, who commented that he did not know the film did not exist until Rogen said it, has also shown his astonishment. Not only Evans and Rothman have reacted to the "discovery" of Rogen, several fans have responded with surprise after knowing the truth. The reactions have been more varied, from those that, simply, rather, until now, until the moment it has been revealed, there are even fans who ask Tarantino to direct it as their next project.

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