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#VIDEO: Racist man insults woman of color and asks to change her seat

Passengers of the Ryanair airline have shown their annoyance through social networks after a man showed an act of racism during a flight from Barcelona, ​​Spain to Stansted in London. The video, which shows the apparent act of racism, teaches a white man screaming because he does not want to sit next to an old woman of color. Another woman, apparent daughter of the old woman, faces the man. A flight attendant tried to calm the situation and asked the woman if she wanted to sit in another place, which she initially refused. The fight continued, the man again attacked the woman and called him "black and ugly bastard" and shouted: "Do not speak to me in a foreign language, stupid and ugly cow!" The man continues to disqualify the woman: "I'll tell you, if you do not go to another seat, I'll put you in another seat." At the end, the woman changed her place. The airline set out its position and indicated that it has "reported this to the police in Essex and since this is now a matter for the police, we can not comment further," Robin Kiely, the airline's communications chief, said in a statement. The flight crew has been criticized for not expelling the man from the flight and for responding to the situation by allowing the woman to move from his seat instead of him. Several members of the British Parliament and the Scottish Parliament incited Ryanair officials to report the man to the police for their abusive verbal behavior. "He should have been removed from the flight and handed over to the police," MP Karl Turner wrote on Twitter. "We assume that the plane was in the UK, if it was, it definitely committed crimes."

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