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#VIDEO: Racist woman accuses 9-year-old boy of inappropriate touching

According to several local media, Teresa Klein, as the female was identified, was in Sahara Deli in Flatbush in Brooklyn, when she accused the child of having touched her improperly. Teresa began to scream that the little African-American had taken a gluteus, accusation that began to bother the people who were inside the deli, as well as people who passed through the place. Those who try to convince the hysterical woman that it had been an accident, however, the lady calls the police to accuse the child. "I want the police here right now!" Demanded the supposed "victim". Minutes later people ask the 53-year-old lady, who wore black leggings and sunglasses to go home, because the accusations were false. However, Klein began to raise the tone and directly accuse the child who broke down in tears at the side of his mother. Later another white woman faces the crazy woman, who pushes her repeatedly until another man pulls them away. So far no charges were filed or investigations were carried out by the authorities because when it arrived the people were no longer in the place. But a reporter managed to get the security video where it clearly shows how the child never touched the woman. So the netizens have revolutionized social networks, saying that the little one only suffered from racism on the part of the elderly woman

  • Duration: 04:18