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iPhones are very easy to 'hack' thanks to Siri

Recently we have been talking to you about Apple, and the company recently launched new models and updated operating systems. Despite the exorbitant prices (up to 36 thousand pesos), after its launch they sold out quickly in most stores. Although this could be considered a triumph for the American company, several users have detected faults and have complained in social networks. The first was that by using the minimum brightness the black color turns orange, later, the front camera 'retouches' the photos and makes you look 'beautiful' with automatic smoothing and now that thanks to Siri you can get personal information although the phone is locked. A recently released video explains how easy it is to 'hack' the IOS 12 operating system with the help of the personal voice assistant. The recording shows how it is possible to get access to the information about the contacts stored by a device without knowing the unlock code of the device. For this, it is only necessary to know the cell phone number. Thus, to avoid entering the code, it is necessary to activate the VoiceOver function of Siri and then call the telephone and cancel the call, choosing the answer option with a message. After this, it becomes possible to open the cell phone directory and access the contacts. The problem has been detected only in the new operating system released for the iPhone in mid-September. The tutorial shared on September 26 by the YouTube account Videosdebarraquito has accumulated to date more than 84 thousand reproductions.

  • Duration: 01:39