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Demi Lovato Cancels Twitter Account

Bad news in the twitterverse - Demi Lovato has left the site. We tell you why up next. Hey tweeps - What's going on? I'm Joslyn Davis coming at you from the ClevverTV headquarters in LA with not so fabulous news for all you bigtime tweeters out there. Demi Lovato has in fact cancelled her @ddlovato account. Based on rumors circulating cyberspace there are several reasons signaling her recent exit. Two of these reasons are boy-related. First up is just the latest rumor that Demi kissed Justin Bieber. A Bieber link of this nature didn't prove to be positive with Demi receiving similar treatment to that which Kim Kardashian received when the Biebs said he was crushing on her. The other guy-related twitter problem is of course D's ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas. Apparently curious fans won't stop asking her twitter questions about the very-over relationship. If that's not enough, the freshest potential reason has to do with Demi's health. Keep in mind that all of these reasons are strictly rumors at this point. However, one blog claims that Demi was recently diagnosed with Asthma and is undergoing treatments while on tour. Regardless of the reasons that Demi decided to ultimately shut down her account, the fact of the matter remains that she has in fact done so. And once you close a twitter account, you can not ever reopen the same account. Let us know if you guys will miss Demi on the popular social networking site as we know we will. But hey guys, the good news is that we're still on twitter - that's @clevverTV so make sure to keep on following us and we'll keep you posted on all things Demi Lovato. I'm Joslyn Davis for ClevverTV, thanks for watching.

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