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"Fat Mexican": twins insult and beat mother and daughter

by Zofresia

It seems that violent acts against Latinos multiply every week, and although this is a situation that has been happening for a long time, the arrival of video camera phones and social networks have helped victims to have proof of situations through which they cross. Such is the case of a Mexican mother and daughter, who were brutally... attacked by two blonde twins in Commerce City, Denver, Colorado, for no apparent reason. The videos that show what happened were posted by Carlos Ruiz, son and brother of the attackers, who also shared the following message: "My mother was at the neighbors' house asking how much it would cost to install carpet on the floor of her house when these two girls started shouting racist things from the other side of the street. People believe that racism is a joke. We are in 2018 and this is what our president promotes. This is the kind of thing we have to pay for trying to have a better life. " During the recording, the women are heard to say: "Look at yourself, compare me! Who are you compared to us? Pin *** old fat Mexican " Ruiz, who recorded everything, said that the girls questioned them about their material goods: "How is it that Mexicans have money to have the same houses and cars as us?", Which is why the blondes were very upset and continued with The agression Minutes later, police officers arrived at the scene to take the girls, who said they had been attacked first. Now Colorado girls, identified as 26-year-old Natasha and Shala Fross, face charges of aggression and racism. Although the publication was shared on July 10, it is so far that it was publicly broadcast, causing outrage and sadness among the Hispanic community in the United States.

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