Immunity Therapy Center Testimonial Video Shaffer Fox

All of my blood chemistries improved, in just 9 days of treatment. Shaffer is an award-winning author in the health sciences field, diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. He did not want to pursue a conventional approach to treatment. Given his knowledge of science and the success of alternative therapies; surgery, chemo, and radiation were simply not for him. Shaffer was losing hope the alternative treatment he sought existed, until he found Immunity Therapy Center; which had everything he was looking for. Upon becoming a patient, he was struck by the beauty and safety of Immunity Therapy Center’s Tijuana location, the compassion and dedication of its staff, and the camaraderie he felt with fellow patients. In just nine days of treatment, his PSA dropped from 39 to 15.18. Shaffer credits Immunity Therapy Center with saving his life. For more information regarding alternative cancer treatments in Tijuana click here to visit Immunity Therapy Center Link: www.immunitytherapycenter.com/holistic-cancer-clinic-mexico/ Tijuana Cancer treatment centers are giving hope to thousands of Americans Cancer treatment centers in Tijuana, Mexico give hope to thousands of U.S and worldwide patients looking for alternative cancer treatments. Link: www.sandiegored.com/en/news/162698/… Cancer Survival Testimonial - Why did you choose Tijuana for your cancer treatment? Inspirational cancer stories from survivors that were treated in cancer treatment centers in Tijuana, Mexico Link: www.sandiegored.com/en/news/163839/…

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