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Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" Movie Poster

Okay, so fans put together the pieces on the new Justin Bieber movie poster and title, but was it really a puzzle?? Hello to all you Beliebers out there. I'm Dana Ward for ClevverTV talking about the news of Justin's upcoming movie. The film's director Jon Chu literally split up the promo poster into little puzzle pieces and released them to the public one by one via different online outlets -- thanks to supporters like Ryan Seacrest, Ellen Degeneres and Perez Hilton. Fans finally got see the final poster in its full glory via USA Today. The biggest thing that JB fanatics wanted to see was the movie name -- and the February release is going to be called Never Say Never. The crazy online scavenger hunt also revealed a varsity hoodie jacket wearing Bieber profile shot along with movie site info -- that's Justin Bieber Never Say Never.com. So a lot of fans loved the puzzle but a bunch of fans did not love it. Do you think the final JB movie poster was worth the wait? Let us know right here. And for more Bieber news, reviews and contests, make sure you're following us @ClevverTV on Twitter.com. I'm Dana Ward saying thank you for watching the show.

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