Mexican TV clown host threatens Twitter user

Silvia Viñas at Global Voices reports that Victor Trujillo, a television host on the Spanish language Televisa network who plays the character of "Brozo the Creepy Clown," was not amused by a Twitter user's fake account impersonation of Brozo's co-star Marissa Rivera. "You are in danger," the green-wigged clown intoned, in what has since become a widely-circulated web video and a trending Twitter topic (#brozo). His actual words in Spanish to the fake tweeter were, "Ya estamos sobre tí. Estamos muy cerca de tí." "Ya estás en peligro [...] ya te chingaste." Which means, more or less: We know about you. We're very close to you (we're on to you). Now you've really fucked yourself. Now, it should be noted that Brozo el Payaso Tenebroso is not the host of a children's show, and is more of a comically aggressive anti-hero. His character is known for over-the-top antics, aggressive taunts, sleazy comments toward women, and generalized vulgarity. Still, the blogger on whose site I found the video echoes one thread of public sentiment in Mexico around this incident: The rhetoric of the narcos, of crime, of the mafia, in the official media. A symptom of social sickness. Symbolic violence as spectacle. Mexico is at war all over the place. What a shame; what a pain; how pathetic. Grow up. Here's one of the earlier accounts in a major news daily in Mexico, at El Grafico. Pepe Flores at the tech blog ALT1040 has a related post (both of these links in Spanish).

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