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Jonas Brothers vs. Justin Bieber: Who has the better hair?

K, guys, here's the question of 2010: who has better hair - the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber? Get the results right now. Hey everyone - you're back at the ClevverTV studio. I'm Dana Ward asking which JB has the best head of hair. While fans across the nation will probably sound off with definite answers about the thick dark coif versus the smooth swooped chop, it was a bit of a difficult question to answer for some celebs - even a few Camp Rock 2 co-stars to the JoBros. For example, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle spoke up that it's the trio 100-percent because each of them can rock different hairstyles while the Biebs only has his one signature style. Now Jasmine Richards reportedly said that she wants to be in the middle and not really choose sides. But we think that it was co-star Chloe Bridges who said it best, QUOTE 'it's hard to say. It's like vanilla versus chocolate - do you like the straight or the wavy? It's like ice cream flavors.' So these ladies were able to put favorites aside to analyze the hair - can you? Which look do you like on a guy, and who's look will go down in history as the Look of 2010? We want to hear from you right now, so head over to Twitter.com/ClevverTV, click follow and tell us which JB has the better hair: the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber. Thanks for tuning in, I'm Dana Ward, bye!

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