After 22 years of its release reveal Woody's last name of "Toy Story"

Approximately 9 years ago the full name of the character came to light, but it went unnoticed by many. One of the most famous sagas of the decade of the 90's is, without a doubt, Toy Story. This animated film was one of the most successful, breaking attendance records in all countries and movie theaters where it was shown. The film tells the story of a group of toys that go through a series of adventures where they test values ​​such as friendship, loyalty, honesty and show the courage to face the enemy. This film is starring 'Woody', a cowboy and 'Buzz Light Year' an astronaut, who became the favorite characters of children at that time. Identity revealed It was in 2009 that Lee Unkrich, creator of Toy Story, was commissioned to reveal the cowboy's surname: "The real full name of Woody is 'Woody Pride' and it has been since the beginning and development of Toy Story," he said. It is important to mention that in none of the deliveries did the name of any of the characters involved in the story.

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