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Rescuers search for 140 missing in quake-hit building in Taiwan

Rescuers have entered a severely tilted building to search for 140 people missing after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan's Hualien county on Tuesday night. One of the worst-hit areas in the earthquake, Hualien has seen four high-rising buildings collapse or be left titled in the tremors. One-hundred-and-forty residents of the severely tilted Yun Tsui building were said to be missing and rescue teams are carrying out a floor-by-floor search to locate the missing people. Most residents have already been evacuated from two other affected buildings situated two blocks away, said rescuers. All the people inside the Marshal Hotel, which partially collapsed in the earthquake, have also been evacuated except from two hotel employees who are still unaccounted for, according to rescuers. The earthquake has so far caused four fatalities while injuring some 200 people in Hualien, according to local authorities.

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