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Lindsay Lohan on Inferno

Lindsay Lohan shot an inside look at her upcoming film, Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, in which she plays the late porn star. In this exclusive, behind-the-scenes video, shot in a Burbank hotel in May, Lohan's character is forced into prostitution by her husband, Chuck Traynor. Photographer Tyler Shields captured the scene, and those images became the movie's poster. Of her character's intial reaction to Traynor, Lohan says he was "dark and mysterious and rough, and different from anything she had experienced in life. Girls like that kind of stuff." As for her own character, the actress, who was interviewed in the video by MSN's Kim Morgan, describes Lovelace as "an innocent girl who got trafficked into a situation." Inferno director Matthew Wilder tells PEOPLE that while shooting this footage Lohan had the ability "to go in and out of very extreme emotions in a blink." The film will resume production in mid-November, following Lohan's release from a court mandated stint in a treatment facility. "I hope Lindsay's stay in rehab will soon be in the rearview mirror," says Wilder, "and we will be able to move on and just make something really good."

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