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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paG8AbOKC8E Obesity is a universal problem and once you become obese putting down body weight could be quite a task and you could try as much as you can but reducing could be a herculean task. There are certain very pertinent habits that we could put in place if we are to reduce weight or avoid getting fat because we are generally not born fat but it is our eating and other disciplines that could put us on the path to become fat. Some of the bad habits that we cultivate which could get us fat should be kept aside if we are to have a healthy body and mind. Not doing any exercises is a passport to put on fat because all that you would eat during the day need to be shoved out through your body but keeping yourself busy without much physical activity is one very bad habit. It is imperative that a strict regime is enforced if you are looking to avoid getting fat and staying as slim as possible would not be a very difficult task if you bring in proper eating habit and you will live longer.

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