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#VIDEO. Man On ‘Serenity’ Goes Full-Zombie On Cops, Ignores Tasers, Smashes Head Through Window

4 people were taken to the hospital after an incident Friday afternoon off Russell Cave Road and New Circle Road where police believe the synthetic drug "Serenity" was used by a man who caused a scene during an encounter with Lexington police. Officers say that they received a call around 5:30 p.m. for a person down. When officers arrived, they say that one man wouldn't respond to them. Police say that he started to fight with them and say that he even tried to bite officers before they tased him twice. Police think that three other people had also taken "Serenity". Lt. Jackie Newman told LEX 18 that they were 'convulsing, flailing their arms and legs around.' "It's a really dangerous drug and the side effects are just, you know, all over the board for us," she said. Dusty Conner, who has been delivering soft drinks to convenience stores around Lexington for two years, said he has seen a rise in drug use in the city, including the use of "Serenity". At least two of the four people taken to the hospital are expected to face charges.

  • Duration: 03:38