Lady Gaga Artist Update- Bad Romance Music Video & Gossip Girl

Lady Gaga finds a perfect match for a bad romance on Gossip Girl. Get the story triangle right now! Hi guys, I'm Dana Ward at the Clevver TV headquarters - and that's right, it really is a story triangle of sorts, involving Lady Gaga, her latest music video for 'Bad Romance' and a fiery love affair on Gossip Girl. It's all so intertwined that perhaps we should just call it a mashup! The whispers are gone and the rumors have been confirmed. Lady Gaga will be performing on the popular CW show. Apparently Blair Waldorf gets the famed singer to stop by NYU, in an effort to impress her fellow students with a private show. But the REAL private show occurred when Penn Badgley, Jessica Szohr and Hilary Duff got down and dirty in a past episode, and now they've all got to work together - even with the awkwardness - during the concert. We're expecting that Gaga's 'Bad Romance' track will pop-up during "The Last Days of Disco Stick" episode - the song's love and passion theme go oh-so-well with the storyline. Yet, interestingly, and probably quite purposely, Lady Gaga just released the official music video for 'Bad Romance'. So while she may have said that she wants to say something not mainstream in a mainstream way - even calling her tv appearance a coup d'etat - it's likely that LG was also thinking of song promotion. Moving on to the 'Bad Romance' music vid, interestingly we get just what we expect from Lady Gaga: that is a uniquely bizarre and well-thoughtout tale in the form of social commentary. I'm gonna try to recap it for you guys, but I'm suggesting you just check it out yourself because it's way better understood if you see it with your own eyes. This video takes place at Lady Gaga's Bath Haus - as the intro states for viewers. Accordingly, there's lots of white, tiles and it kinda seems like some guys are paying for female performances. Without getting too into the details, Gaga and her fellow dancers have some choreographed moves throughout the video. The costumes are intense, indescribable and follow a white theme for the beginning, changing to a red dress code as the drama breaks out. Plus, we even get to see a natural beauty shot of Gaga. It is a really interesting music video - so be sure to check it out to get your own vision of it - and remember this 'Bad Romance' track is on her November 23rd released 'The Fame Monster' That's the latest info in the world of Lady Gaga. Definitely check out the music vid and the special GG episode, and then let us know what you think about her performances. Also remember to checkout ClevverTV.com for all of your music, movie and entertainment gossip updates 24-7. I'm Dana Ward in Beverly Hills - catch ya later!

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Lady Gaga Artist Update: Bad Romance Music Video Gossip Girl