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Brad Pitt says the reason for his divorce with Angelina Jolie

8 months have passed since the "Brangelina" came to an end. Since then, the actor Brad Pitt had remained in total silence about her divorce with Angelina Jolie. TO BRAD, THEIR SEPARATION OF ANGELIA JOLIE WAS "DEATH". For the first time, the most coveted Hollywood actor, opened his heart and spoke about their separation. In an extensive and exclusive interview for the magazine GQ Style, Brad is in therapy and who feels responsible for his ten-year marriage will crumble. Angelina Jolie shocked the world in August of 2016, when she pleaded for the divorce, after an alleged altercation on a plane between her husband and her son Maddox. The publication defines the interview as "raw and reflective", first renowned actor talks about topics like love, fatherhood and get out later after losing everything that matters. Brad Pitt admitted that his excessive consumption of alcohol destroyed his marriage with the mother of his six children. "I was taking too", said a GQ Style.

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