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Kate del Castillo makes the movie of El Chapo Guzmán

After being involved in one of the most controversial controversies of this 2016 actress Kate del Castillo returned to talk about her project with the Mexican narco "Chapo" Guzman. The Mexican, who for many months was singled out and even accused of conspiring with her country confessed that the film that would tell the life of the drug lord in Sinaloa if it would be released to the public as expected. As detailed the ex of Aron Diaz, has received several offers to carry out the film but she is not ready yet. "It's going very well, I'm just moving here (United States) and there are a lot of interesting and strong producers here in Hollywood who are very interested, because obviously everybody already knew that I have the rights.But I want, First, fix my legal situation. " She clarified that while it is true that she has the rights to the film, she is not writing the script and that it is really in the hands of professionals.

  • Duration: 02:10