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QuickLift Mini Facelift in Seattle by Dr. Kristin J Tarbet MD 425.455.2131

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QUICKLIFT® PROCEDURE http://amaraaestheticsbellevue.com/procedures-surgical/facelift-quicklift/ Facelift surgery is a huge commitment, especially for someone as busy as you. But there is no need to sacrifice looking as youthful as you feel just because you can’t commit to the lengthy downtime of most plastic surgeries. Designed... to achieve amazing aesthetic results, Quicklift® is a revolutionary outpatient treatment that can make you look 10 years younger with a short procedure and minimal recovery time. This technique lifts and tightens loose skin in the lower region of the face, providing a more youthful and well-rested appearance. Quicklift® was developed for men and women wanting to postpone the aesthetic aging process. Around the age of 40, people tend to lose the elasticity in their skin, developing a sagging, droopy look around the jawline and under the chin. While other reduced facelift procedures are restricted to limited-time skin tightening, Quicklift® suspends the physical structure of the lower face for a longer-lasting effect with a minimally-invasive procedure. If you are considering changing your older look to match your younger spirit, consider the area’s best and most qualified plastic surgeon for the job. Double fellowship trained and double board certified, Dr. Tarbet’s expertise in facial structure and 10 years of practice in facial plastic surgery has made her Seattle’s leading provider of the Quicklift® facelift procedure. While QuickLift® results in enduring anti-aging and skin tightening results, it is important to remember that after any facial procedure, the normal aging process continues. Lifestyle choices, bone structure, skin type, sun exposure, and heredity all play a part in how long the results will last. http://amaraaestheticsbellevue.com/procedures-surgical/facelift-quicklift/

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