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Louis Tomlinson Being SUED for Fighting Photographer

The hits just keep on coming for Louis Tomlinson, and it’s not looking pretty! Louis’ recent weekend airport scuffles and arrest aren’t going away as easily as we thought and he might be handed a lawsuit! Quick recap of what transpired: Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor Caldor were arriving at LAX over the weekend when a paparazzi was snapping away and ignoring their requests for him to stop taking pictures. Then there was a group of girls who were doing the same thing to Eleanor and when she asked them to stop they reportedly cornered her and went on the attack. Louis springs into action knocking down the pap, and then slugging one of the girls in the face…. Allegedly! The newest news in this insane story is that this paparazzi isn’t a stranger to these types of run-ins and fights with celebrities. In fact the photog, Karl Larsen, has gotten into it with countless celebs and even bragged about it on Howard Stern back in 2010. And Larsen is known to sue for big bucks in cases such as these! No word yet if Louis has been served with papers or if he will appear before a judge. As for the girl he supposedly roughed up, after the incident she said she would definitely take legal action against the former One-Directioner. Louis’ got his legal team already involved and it seemed they had shut down any detrimental legal action aimed at Tomlinson, but now it’s not looking so good for the singer. Do you guys think this could de-rail Louis career? Is Louis in the wrong, or was he just trying to protect his girlfriend? Furthermore, what do you think of this slimy paparazzi and his celebrity bum-rushing antics? I

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