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#VIRAL - Off-duty police shoot Hispanic boy

A huge crowd of people were spotted on the streets Wednesday night in Anaheim after a video was vandalized on social networks showing police Kevin J. Ferguson, shooting a 13-year-old boy during a struggle where he tries to stop him . The incident took place near a high school in Anaheim this Tuesday afternoon. The man is a policeman who was off duty. A group of teenagers attempted to assist the minor when his assailant drove him through the streets and gardens of the neighborhood. The 13-year-old boy was identified by his father, Johnny, as Christian Dorscht Johnny Dorscht shared images of bruises on his son's face, shoulder and neck. Demonstrators have broadcast videos on social networks with claims such as "whose streets, our streets," do not shoot our children, "" shame for you "and" there is no justice, no peace, no police. " An image was posted on social networks showing the words "pigs ***", sprayed on a garage door that was said to belong to the officer.

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