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Jorge Ramos WARNS immigrants are in danger

Jorge Ramos simply does not recognize the USA today, the country that "helped me so much". The Mexican driver expressed his sadness to see what is happening with the United States, because he says that with Donald Trump in the presidency, "things are happening that I never imagined. I do not know this country. " Through his coumna, Univision journalist revealed that one of the things that saddest gives him is that millions of Mexicans who came after him to the United States could be deported. "In the same executive order in which Trump announces the construction of his wall with Mexico, there is a radical shift in deportation priorities. Those who have "committed acts constituting a criminal offense" (even though they may never be convicted) may now be deported. And also those who have made a "fraud ... before a government agency", that is, anyone who has used a false driver license or invented a social security number, "he explains. Jorge Ramos comments that virtually all of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States are now a deportation priority. "The great fear is that the next step will be massive raids on workplaces, homes and shopping centers. Who can be deported? Whatever an immigration officer considers it. " The presenter of Noticiero Univision affirmed that he has an eternal thanks for the United States, because after suffering censorship of press in Mexico, this country gave him work and economic opportunities that affirms, could not have obtained anywhere else in the world. And he adds: "then, with enormous generosity, (USA) protected me as an immigrant and granted me the same rights as any of its citizens. Here I work as a journalist, here I vote and here my children were born. All I want is for new immigrants to enjoy the same opportunities I had. That is all. But for the moment, with Trump in the Presidency, that's impossible. " The Mexican journalist says that if Trump wanted to, he could give him the opportunity to legalize the undocumented. "It could do perfectly because it controls both Houses of Congress. But he does not want to. In 1986 Reagan gave amnesty to three million people. Trump, on the other hand, wants to get them out of the country. " He added that when he arrived in the United States in 1983, "if President Reagan had created an exclusion list-like the one just invented Trump-and had included Mexico, I would not be here. It would have been an unjust and arbitrary decision. " Finally, Jorge Ramos says that the people of the seven countries are being discriminated against because they were born in a specific country, something that seems unfair: "for something in which you had nothing to do, as your place of birth." Finally, it is ironic that the anti-immigrant decisions "are taken by someone whose mother was Scottish, who had a German grandfather and married a Slovenian."

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