Breakfast you could KILL

In his latest book, biochemist Terence Kealy belies the myth of harvest benefits in the morning and asserts that studies supporting his supposed benefits are funded by the food industry. Terence Kealy, a renowned British biochemist, says breakfast can be as deadly to the body as smoking and drinking, and belies the idea that it is the most important meal of the day, The Independent. In his book 'Breakfast is a dangerous meal', the researcher tells how after suffering type 2 diabetes (pathology in which insufficient insulin is produced to maintain the normal level of glucose in the blood) , However, sugar levels rise alarmingly at the same time, but if they refrained from doing so they remained normal and only increased with lunch or dinner. Subsequently, and based on other investigations, began its study. The former rector of Buckingham University found that eating breakfast can also trigger a metabolic syndrome in healthy individuals, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, cholesterol problems, and even diabetes. Thus, it is recommended to follow a diet low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, many of the products are part of a regular breakfast, and avoid red meats, sausages and processed food. On the other hand, Kealy argues that breakfast is a business and a lot of studies that support their supposed benefits financed by the food industry with lucrative fines. He says these companies expect to make more than $ 40 million by 2019. Most of the foods that are consumed in the mornings are full of "empty calories," which do not satisfy and offer little to nutrition. However, nobody questions it because "many of us were raised with television ads that made us believe that food is the most important for breakfast," as the British.

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