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by 420367.Wilson.Taylorez

Now Showing in selected theaters near you. For showtimes and tickets: Agent David Lee is a highly skilled martial artist who travels the world taking on dangerous missions for the Director. Dealing with the pain of a love that was taken from him, he is unsure to love again. He has instead taken on the role... of mentor to a group of orphan children as he trains them in the martial arts. Action packed excitement erupts as agent David Lee (JJ Stomp) faces off against an elusive killer from his past, the demented John Kincaid (Edwin Olson.) As he fights for his life, Lee seeks to protect the woman he loves, the beautiful Amy (Maggie Dickey), before Kincaid can get to her. The pain of the past haunts Lee, but it only sparks a rage to eliminate the threat of Kincaid and his ultimate warriors.

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