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Banned from singing at grandma’s funeral due to his ‘gay lifestyle’

by 263976.LindaVioleta.Perez

A gay man has told of his shock and disbelief after a Catholic pastor banned him from singing at his grandmother's funeral because of his sexuality. Connor Hakes, 23, from Indiana, had planned to sing Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria at the service to remember his late grandparent Carolyn. But before the funeral Connor received a letter... from the priest in Decatur, which he shared on Facebook, forbidding him from singing in the service because the church 'does not permit same-sex relationships'. Connor said the decision was made after the pastor leading the service at St. Mary Of The Assumption Catholic Church discovered a photograph of him at a gay Pride rally. 'I can no longer sing at my Grandma's funeral, because I attended a gay pride rally and a picture was posted publicly (years ago). 'The priest's reasoning is by attending such event, I am opposing the Catholic Church's fundamental marriage belief,' Connor wrote on Facebook. He said that both his grandparents would be 'disgusted by their parish'. He added: 'They saw beyond race, religion, sexuality, and social class. They loved everyone.

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