Don't Let Her Out (Horror Short Film)

https://youtu.be/JuGhIEvfeis - A very long time ago a woman named Rose was severely beaten by a man who broke into her house and set her on fire because he believed she was a witch and was the cause for all the missing children. After her death, who ever had the mirror in their possession mysteriously disappeared with no trace. People claimed that it was Rose - the lady in the mirror. Some say they've seen her, but survived. The legend goes that if you have the mirror and it's uncovered, she will be able to get out from any mirror in your home. She will appear 3 times, getting closer each time. On the third time, she will be close enough for you to see her face, and if you see it, you will never be seen again. Directed by James Allen Co-Directed by Chapell Griggs STARRING Lacie James, CiCi Chambers and Jake Tase Makeup by Nayeli Huerta and Chapell Griggs Music By Jeucey Negrete PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE :) THANK YOU

  • Duration: 09:28



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