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Super Street Fighter IV Captivate 2010 Trailer Part.1

"Super Street Fighter 4" (Super Street Fighter 4), which was in July 2008 for the classic fighting series release date for "Street Fighter 4" The enhanced version, complete your original content, and additional new roles and new moves, and adjustment degree of balance and enhanced connectivity, will be presented to the player fighting a full feast. "Super Street Fighter 4" game mode to re-enter the year in the "Street Fighter 2" in the first appearance of the two "bonus points" were "damaged cars" and "break bucket," the latest 3D graphics through Technology allows players to revisit with the same fun that year. In the "damage cars" bonus points, players must display their fists during the restricted hours or nirvana and other moves, left door, right door, roof and body sequence will stop at the gas station's car destroyed . The "break bucket" bonus stages, is to break during the restricted hours continuously falling from the top of the cask, barrel had to be careful not to be knocked down or tripped.

  • Duration: 03:01



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