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Internet access suspended to Julian Assange in Ecuador's embassy in London

by Mexico

Wikileaks has accused Ecuador to cut the Internet activist Julian Assange, who lives in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012- after the organization reveal three alleged transcripts of speeches that Hillary Clinton has made against members of the firm dedicated to and investment banks Goldman Sachs. In recent days, Wikileaks... has been dedicated to bringing to light more than 2,000 emails from the candidate for the US presidency, Hillary Clinton, in which he is very close to the banking sector, although in his campaign speech offers Another face. The post also involve sabotage campaign against his party colleague and rival in the primaries, Bernie Sanders. Initially Sunshine Press, the communication agency Wikileaks confirmed the "blackout" and attributed to an unidentified government agent and said that the incident was related to the revelations of the relationship between Clinton and Goldman Sachs. But now Wikileaks has blamed the Ecuadorian authorities have cut the Internet to Assange.

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