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Christa’s Testimony for Marcio Garcia de Andrade

It’s not everday that we meet a brilliant mind with a heart of gold. I could say that I am lucky to meet Marcio Garcia de Andrade. I started working for him back in January 2015 and I sure am glad that I responded to his invitation. Marcio Garcia de Andrade helped me grow as a professional. He helped me explore capabilities that I never knew were there all along. From a humble position, he raised me up to a position I never thought I will ever attain. It was just a fantasy in my wildest dream but somehow he was able to turn that into a reality. I am not speaking only for myself only but for others in the company as well since he changed the life of his workers both in a professional and personal way. Marcio Garcia de Andrade is very hands on and based on our dealings. He oversees his company and knows everything that’s going on. He is a jack of all trades and has mastered a lot when it comes to business. Most of all, he changed some of my views in life. I was once afraid of failure but right now, because of him, I realized that failure is the key to success and there is always someone out there ready to understand and help. He helped me when I failed his expectations instead of just giving up on me. That helped me grow as a person and in return, helped the company reach its goal. I just want to tell him how grateful I am to work for him and I still see myself working for him years from now. Thank you very much, Marcio!

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