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Matthew is heading for Florida

Hurricane "Matthew" left a trail of debris, landslides and desolation after passing through Cuba, with gusts of winds reaching 300 kilometers per hour, heavy rains and flooding, but authorities reported no casualties from the storm, now it is heading towards the states of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas in the United states. The phenomenon hit for about 10 hours the eastern half of Cuba Tuesday night. Baracoa was the hardest hit city: the houses near the coast woke up completely demolished by the winds and waves of more than eight meters in height exceeded buildings. Airport Baracoa, the oldest city in Cuba, and control tower were also damaged, although the airway is currently the only possibility of communication with the city, due to the impact of higher meteoroid that has formed in the Caribbean in the last nine years. The authorities did not realize fatalities, but rescue workers and the Red Cross had to rescue civilians trapped on rooftops.

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