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Manhattan shooting leaves one dead

The tension and anxiety gripped New Yorkers this afternoon when, in the middle of Manhattan, shots and shouts were heard as people fled in terror form. In total six shots near Penn Station, a major communications hub in Manhattan, New York were recorded. Specifically, the shooting occurred in the period between 32nd Street neighborhood and avenues 6 and 7, both police and special force SWATT, agents cordoned off the area and gave way to the entry of ambulances. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a man attacked with a machete or cleaver to an officer of the New York City Police Department. In the midst of the confusion, a policeman wounded in the back have a mate in a bid to curb the threat of an armed man. NBC4 television network reported that two policemen were attacked at gunpoint and received stab wounds that do not pose a threat to his life. A suspect has been neutralized by gunshots.

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