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Heavy Rain The Closing Ceremony At the #Rio2016 Olympic Games

Athletes and spectators from around the world gathered for the Olympics closing ceremony in Rio on Sunday to watch the city pass the baton on to Toyko, hosts for the next 2020 games. The closing ceremony included a celebration of Brazil's fauna and its diversity and beauty and some traditional music followed by the athletes from 207 competing nations. Ironically, officials also took advantage of the watching global TV audience to introduce its new 'Olympic channel', on the day that the sports action was over. Brazilian art was also highlighted with a tribute to Brazil's Serra da Capybara National park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. There was poetry, dancing and the audience were informed about Brazilian craft making including 'bringing clay to life.' The most poignant moment was a rousing tribute to the many thousands of volunteers who had helped throughout the two week event and before it began in helping prepare. It rained one more time on the Rio Olympics parade last night as Brazil said goodbye – and some said good riddance – to the 2016 games. Beset by economic problems, political unrest, health fears and security worries, the games ended like they began, to a half empty house. The torrential rain that plundered down over Rio added to the misery of officials as they surveyed the half empty stadium and swathes of unsold seats. One of the Games' biggest stars made an early exit from the city. Usain Bolt, who is celebrating his 30th birthday today, was expected to mark the moment with a party at the Jamaican hospitality house in Gavea. But the monsoon-like storm resulted in the party being called off, with the venue shuttered with an apologetic sign left outside this evening. The weather also hit spectators heading to local restaurants to see the Closing Ceremony, with a fallen tree taking out power to establishments close to Jamaica House. No one was hurt in the accident but a car was crushed beneath the tree, it's driver left to take a taxi home instead. Another tree came down in Copacabana, with police forced to block off roads and send traffic on a lengthy diversion. High winds and driving rain brought down power lines close to the Maracana, plunging the neighborhood to the southeast of the stadium into darkness just as the ceremony was starting. The outages meant a smattering of fans who filed into nearby bars to watch the action were left shaking their heads in frustration as TVs suddenly went dead.

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