5 Things Everyone Knows About fact valak That You Don't

5 Things Everyone Knows About fact valak That You Don't Ghost Valak Is Just Imagination In The film The Conjuring 2, Ed and Lorraine Warren Warren must not only deal witha ghost. The film is based on the investigation of the haunted house in Enfield, United Kingdom also had a ' guest ' invited special, namely Valak figure. The devil in the form of this sister deliberately inserted in The film The Conjuring 2 at once to connect the story haunted house in Amityville The first Conjuring. Thus, by the fact that Valak has nothing to do with the case of the haunted house in Enfield or Amityville. Although in the film are portrayed so Satan the most evil and the main bully in the case of Enfield Poltergeist, according to James Wan, Valak is merely the character of his imagination and the results have nothing to do with the case of the Enfield Poltergeist, Amityville, or cases that are investigated by the Warren family in the real world. Valak is really a small boy with angel wings As quoted from the site Weekinweird.com, a book entitled The Lesser Key of Solomon, a book from the 17th century which contains spells Satan, Valak (or Ualac, Valax, Valu, Valac, Valic, Volac) is none other than the great President of hell. In General, Valak high ranking is a character in the world of Satan. Often depicted riding a two-headed dragon and rule 30 legions of demons, Valak has existed a small child with wings, although the dalamThe Conjuring 2, he is depicted as a demon with pale face. More like same Marylin Manson Either intentional or just a coincidence, the devil in the film, Conjuring valak 2 this is more similar to Marilyn Manson. Based on the book entitled The Lesser Key of Solomon, valak is a young child who has wings and driving a two-headed dragon. But in the film, conjuring this figure 2 valak depicted with a sister. Portrayed by Bonnie Aarons The figure of the devil takes the nun portrayed by actress United States named Bonnie Aarons. She is the actress who usually appears so character extras. However, her role in Conjuring 2 directly increase in popularity because it is a figure that diperaninnya bener-bener epic and memorable. the Based of a Conversation James Wan and Lorraine Warren In one conversation with Lorraine Warren, the woman who is now 89 years old this mentioned that he never experienced the Vortex swirling dark hooded figure with a presence at the Center. This information is James Wan make wild-eyed Valak, demon sisters that haunt the minds of spectators The Conjuring 2.

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