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3 Car Bombs Target Iranian Embassy & Iraqi Government Buildings In Iraq

4 am, three times violent explosions in Baghdad, in Baghdad, Iraq's embassies and offices have been affected, damaged buildings, there is no news of casualties in China. 4 morning, Baghdad "Green Zone" is the first series of mortar shells, when the Xinhua News Agency reporters Zheng Zaipai and He Zhaoshi, violent explosion occurred in front of reporters, journalists immediate impact to the ground. After the explosion, the Iraqi embassy has been all over the room, the room's ceiling, but also out of the resident branch. The other two serious explosions occurred in the Mansour district in Baghdad, Ramadan, near the 14th Street branch staff. Department of dust around the office, broken glass. Subsequently, intense gunfire continued in Baghdad, more than 10 minutes. In Baghdad, explosions and artillery fire, killing at least 30 people Violence in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, four explosions occurred one after another the morning and three series of mortar attacks, killing at least 30 people were killed and 168 injured. Three explosions occurred in Baghdad and the Iranian Embassy in Egypt Xinhua News Agency: Iraq, said security personnel on day 4 that occurred in Baghdad for Egypt and the Iranian Embassy suicide car bombings of three.

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