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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Sonnet/Speech from the 2016 Tonys Awards

by Virgy

I haven't been fortunate enough to see Lin-Manuel in Hamilton (and I'm sure now I never will)... But the first time I saw him interviewed, I became a huge fan. And my love for him grows more and more with every public statement he makes. Passion for your art is a rare, beautiful, and precious thing. I've never seen anyone exude... passion--and COMPASSION--as much as Lin-Manuel does. This sonnet is (rightfully) getting worldwide attention, but you can find the same humanity throughout his work, and his life. We so rarely reward art in its purest, most authentic form. For that reason alone, Lin-Manuel Miranda's well-deserved success feels like a victory for artistic souls everywhere. I hope he never stops creating, and inspiring, and challenging us to do better.

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