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Predators - Official Trailer HD Movie 2010

Germany 8 July 2010 Russia 8 July 2010 Singapore 8 July 2010 Finland 9 July 2010 Poland 9 July 2010 USA 9 July 2010 Belgium 14 July 2010 Netherlands 15 July 2010 UK 22 July 2010 Director:Nimród Antal Actor: Adrien Brody ....Royce Topher Grace ....Edwin Danny Trejo ....Cuchillo Alice Braga ....Isabelle Derek Mears Walt Goggins ....Stans Laurence Fishburne ....Noland Oleg Taktarov ....Nikolai Plot: I write this from the Rodriguez and served as producer of "Predator" remake from 1987 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic sci-fi action movie, the Nemo Luo Dean Rosenthal ("Metro style painting "," pinhole Hotel ") as director, special effects by the owners more than science fiction, horror film special effects company KNB old experienced surgeon. It is worth mentioning that the new version of "Predator" to title from the 1987 edition of "Predator" to the plural form of "Predators", this change has led to speculation the new version will debut more than one Predator? In addition, the new version, Rodriguez Troublemaker company in charge of the design of the new Predator partner, "Iron and Blood hound (Predator Hound)". This look ferocious, fierce cruel monster in Predator driven to the new version brings new terror. Giving the impression has been weak in Adrien Brody plays a tough guy soldier, will not understand the effect of sauce, is the fate of the tragic death of it? Do not destroy the original classic mixed eyesore enough.

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Predators Official Trailer HD Movie 2010