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Ariana Grande explains why she leave to follow Justin Bieber

The star of 'Dangerous Woman' revealed to KISS FM radio station in Britain saying, "There is nothing to report. We have not spoken in months. He's a great guy. It is a very good artist and we have a beautiful friendship. Nothing is happening. " Ariana Grande tried to evade all related to a rivalry between her and Biebs but the questions of the universe Twitter did not end there. In another interview with Capitol FM, he asked again and she had this to say about it, "I did not even know this happened. Until I got to the social networks I realized that asked me, Mom because Dad left to follow? And I said, Who is dad? And I kept looking and I said happened. " But fans did not believe his response since this all happened during the same time she allegedly ran to Scooter Braun and is no longer her manager.

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