#Top10 - Thailand's ladyboys and beautiful transgender women stories

1. Thai transgender actress Poyd, who starred in Hong Kong crime thriller “The White Storm”, has inspired netizens in Hong Kong to research the Thai transgender scene and compile a list of their Top 10 Thai transgender beauties on Instagram. 2. Police in China arrested what they thought was a woman for prostitution, but it turns out that “she” was actually a “he”. 3. A homicide involving an angry woman and a baseball bat took a twist when she turned out to be a transgender former porn star. 4. Taiwanese model Alicia Liu underwent sex reassignment surgery at the age of 18. She became popular following a number of appearances on a parody television program. 5. Cassidy Lynn Campbell, the Huntington Beach teen who made history as the first transgender student in California — and maybe the United States — to be crowned homecoming queen has posted a tearful video online, in which she talks about the hurtful comments she’s received since her win. 6. A transgender Ohio teen has committed suicide, and her final words have become part of a national conversation in the U.S. on the treatment of transgender teens and the negative effects of gay conversion therapy. 7. A U.S. Marine was held on a warship after the death of a transgender woman in the Philippines. 8. Samantha Denning, 47, was born a boy named Sam Denning. She said she’d always felt more comfortable in girl’s clothing than in boy’s, often sneaking into her sister’s room to try on her stuff and use her make up. 9. After slitting a victim’s throat at Shaw’s Supermarket in Saco, Maine, attacker Connor MacCalister told a witness: “She looked at me funny.” 10. “We are supposed to accept this … but the fact of the matter is … someone with male genitals [is] in our girls’ locker room when we are changing,” said a female student at Palatine-Schaumburg High School after a pre-op transexual girl was allowed to change in the girls’ locker room. Is it fair to force teen girls to have to deal with such stuff? 11. A Louisiana trio have been arrested for allegedly keeping a transgender woman as a slave, torturing and forcing her to perform menial tasks and sexual acts. 12. Lila Perry, a high school student in Hillsboro, Missouri had access to a gender-neutral bathroom. The segregation, however, made her feel uncomfortable, so she started using the girls’ facilities. 13. An Airbnb hostess denied a boy’s claims that she raped him, and told authorities he was transphobic and the sexual act were consensual. 14. Some transgender players on Iran’s women’s soccer team have apparently been playing without full-sex change operations. 15. Transgender pregnancy: Parents plan to tell their daughter about an unusual birth when she’s five years old. 16. Before a Federal judge could force the state to supply murderer Shiloh Quine a sex change, it agreed to the surgery in a settlement to avoid setting precedent. 17. Japan’s “otoko no ko” cross-dressing culture has taken Asia by storm, with many attractive transvestites and cross-gender men building solid fan bases on the Internet. 18. Bruce Jenner debuts new identity: “I’m so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self,” Caitlyn tweeted from her new Twitter account. 19. Jenna Talackova from Vancouver was disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada pageant because she is transgender.

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