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Deny that Leonardo DiCaprio would be raped by a bear in "The Revenant"

It is probably one of the strangest denials of film history: Fox Studios clarified that the actor Leonardo DiCaprio does not suffer a violation by a bear in the movie "The Revenant", directed by Mexican Oscar winner Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. The animal, in addition to the plot is female, attacking DiCaprio's character, the investigator "Hugh Glass" because it feared a threat to their young, a spokesman for Fox said the portal "Entertainment Weekly". The website "Drudge Report" was what drew attention to the scene, which appears briefly in the trailer for the film and described it as a violation. This version quickly spread in the network. The drama, which is one of the favorites ahead of the Oscars of Hollywood, opens in the United States for Christmas and it is a story based on real events.

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